What is L’Universe?

L’Universe, thanks to its Natural Language Processing algorithm, generates English exercises automatically from web according to your interests.


  • Explorer Mode picks the articles you like on a daily basis
  • Player Mode draws the most interesting videos to train your English
  • Doer Mode lets you comment and interact with the content you choose

Magical Algorithm

Imagine, you have an assistant that selects the best possible articles and videos of your interest from your favourite news, video and entertainment sites and serves not only for you to follow the content you like but also practice English with those content. While your assistant searches for the most interesting articles and videos everyday, all you have to do is enjoy the content and practice English anytime, anywhere as you please.

Thanks to our algorithm, L’Universe can be your everyday assistant for free!

We’re approaching language learning from a different perspective and our algorithm enables learning or improving a language by practicing with latest news and interactive videos.

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